The Baby Concept Wooden Stacking Stones - 10 pieces

The Baby Concept Wooden Stacking Stones - 10 pieces

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The Baby Concept Wooden Stacking Stones - 10 pieces are tactile wooden blocks hand cut with multiple facets, ready to build fun stacking towers and create mini sculptures.

Perfect for children but also equally fun and challenging for parents! These simple geometric blocks will encourage development of balance, sorting and fine motor skills.

The Bright colour set comes with a selection of vibrant painted colorful wooden stones. The natural wood is painted with non-toxic paint. Each block has been sanded beautifully to ensure a smooth finish.


These are available in a mix of painted blocks and natural wood, or a full set of colourful painted blocks only.

  • Stone Size - Approximately 5cm/ 1.96in in length
  • Handmade product  
  • Recommended from 3+ years of age 
  • Choose from a set of 12 block or 24, they will come packaged in a bag for easy storage
Made 100% with love