The Baby Concept Wooden Kitchen Blender Toy Set

The Baby Concept Wooden Kitchen Blender Toy Set

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The Baby Concept Wooden Kitchen Blender Toy is made of high-quality wood, the kitchenware is equipped with specially designed accessories too. 

Appearance & design

The wooden toy blender design is an excellent supplement to children's dressing up games. Children can open the lid and add the provided fruits to play with in the blender.

Creation & imagination

The blender set is not only a little toy, as it also can stimulate creativity and imagination. Kids can travel in the world they have built, enhance hand-eye coordination, and help them learn science and food.

Collection & matching

You can collect all the wooden kitchen utensils, including: The coffee maker, toaster, oven, many accessories and simulated shapes you can find on this page.
If you are looking for the ultimate kitchen toy for children aged 3-6, then our wooden kitchen toy set will win their favor.

Quality & details

Our children's safety is what matters the most. That's why the toy kitchen accessories are easy to operate, with smooth edges, non-toxic colors and patterns, and can withstand the rough drop games of kids of all ages.

Just like our wooden toasters and the other child kitchen toys, we are proud to create fun and neutral toy combinations. 

We recommend usage for children aged 3-6. If they are under 3 years old, they need to play under the care and supervision of an adult.

Our designers worked on the product size according to the baby's palm size, grasping habits and other factors. This product is suitable for young kids to play and exercise their grasping ability. If it is too large or too heavy, it will affect the child's game experience.

Our toys are made of high-quality materials and safe water-based paint, non-toxic and tasteless. They all have a CE certification.

The pictures attached may not reflect the actual colors of the toys as the digital picture may not render them exactly as they look in the package.

Made 100% with love